Cyclone filter ACF W3

High-efficient cyclone filter with belonging fan, tested by internationally recognized institute according to weldings smoke class W3. Used for welding and cuttingg smoke.
ACF W3 meets the health and safety requirements according to DIN EN ISO 21904-1. High-performance pre-separation by cyclone increased the filter lif. Supplied with special approved filter cartridges.
Dust class

Product Features

  • Well-documented approved cyclone filter
  • Provides maximum protection of people and the outer environment
  • Simple mounting, connection and operation
  • Especially efficient filtration
  • Equipped with Gram Maxi325-jet pulse system
  • Specially dustfree filter replacement through front door in unit
  • Quicklock-adjustable, user-friendlich dust container on wheels

Product Highlights

Futher data

  • Cyclone filter type ACF W3 is tested specially for separation degree in connection with welding in high-alloyed steel.
  • Welding smoke class W3 has an separation degree of >99%.
  • Delivered incl. Gram alarm control type W for displacy for too high differential pressure and too low air volume.
  • Also standard delivered with sack for dust container.
  • ACF W3 must be equipped with filter material G115A to meet welding smoke class W3 according to EN ISO 21904-1.
  • Replacement filters for this unit are also delivered with special sack and strips to be used at sack closing at filter replacement.
  • Filter cabinet is made in 2mm steel plate and powder enamelled.
  • Is also available for outdoor mounting.

Further is available:

  • ½"-water separator with manomter and pressure reducing valve.
  • Backdraft damper type KTR for the prevention of dust backdraft in connection with filter cleaning.
  • Galvanized powder enamelled version.


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