Damper motor HMO24-Gram

Damper motor HMO24-Gram is suitable for mounting on damper that must react very quickly, e.g. in connection with preocess extraction. Revolving time 1-10 seconds.
HMO24-Gram is applicable for turning Gram rotating damper. The motor is very silent, max. 45dB(A). Optional revolving area, e.g. continuous direction of rotation. Easily mounted on rotating damper by 2 screws

Product Features

  • High-speed damper motor
  • Very easy to mount
  • Converter 230VAC/24AC is available
  • HMO24-Gram is used together with Gram rotating damper, DSM-G

Product Highlights

Further data

Damper motor type HMO24-Gramist characterized by being fast, which Means that it can obtain instant extraction when needed.

HMO24-Gram can be used together with Gram rotating damper in the following diameters:

ø80, ø100, ø125, ø160, ø200mm

Working voltage: AC/DC 24V ± 10%
Output: 17 W
Rating: 34 VA
Connection: Cable 1m
Revolving moment: Min 3Nm
Revolving time: 1 - 10 seconds in 4 steps / 90°
Revolving angle: 90°
Revolving way: Adjustable with switch
Ambient temperature: 0 - 50°C
Sound level Max. 45dB (A)



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