Extraction table UFPR

Height-adjustable extraction table with fan and extraction by table top. Especially suitable with glue table, grinding table, polishing table, welding table or manual cutting table.
Universal extraction table with built-in filter cartridge and manual Roto-cleaning. Table top is standard made with wooden slats. Table top is also available with steel ribs, stainless steel ribs or plastic ribs (POM)
Filter class

Product Features

  • Height-adjustable extraction table from 680-980mm
  • Is standard supplied with motor, filter and Roto-cleaning
  • Filter table is delivered in two depths: 1000 or 1250mm
  • Table lengths: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000mm
  • Is available with backwall with extraction
  • Is availablw with backwall, side wall set and hinged top
  • With noise damped top and side walls the noise level is reduced

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Extraction table UFPR is delivered with fan and may max be loaded with 150 kg/m on the rib surface.
  • Table with filter cartridge that is suitable for dry dust and welding smoke.
  • Separation degree of filter is 99.9%.
  • Dust container beneath filter cartridge.
  • Equipped with manual Roto-cleaning for filter cleaning.

Additional equipment for extraction table UFPR:

  • Backwall with extraction
  • Backwall, side wall set and top (possible noise damping)
  • Reinforcement of table to 300 kg/m on rib surface
  • Perforated table top for existing surface
  • Automatic Roto-cleaning
  • LED-lighting
  • Channel silencer
  • Plate without holes for mounting of vice on UFPR
  • Mounting of 5m cable and 230VAC-plug (possible Schuko)

UFPR table with complete top construction in the form of top and sides with noise damping as well as backwall with extraction.

As additional equipment the Gram extraction table UFPR is also available with channel silencer.

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