Filterline FL

Complete and space-saving compressed-air controlled filter unit with Integrated fan, for the filtration of limited dust volumes at e.g. welding, cutting and grinding.
Filterline can be placed in the production rooms and filter from up to 7 simultaneous welding Places. Air volume up to: 8,200m³/h, vacuum up to: 5,000Pa and filter area: 26 – 168m². Plug & Play!
Dust class

Product Features

  • Complete, ”Plug & Play” filter unit with fan
  • Quick mounting, connecton and operation
  • Pre-separator is integrated in unit
  • Optimized cleaning effect of the filter cartridges
  • Automatic after-cleaning of filter cartridge provides longer life
  • Dust container suspended in Gram Quicklock-adjustable suspension

Product Highlights

PFL Airtower

Further data

  • Filterline FL is delivered ready for use.
  • The unit is equipped with fork lift pockets and crane lifting points for easy transport and installation.
  • Integrated motor starter switch and CEE-plug on the front make connection fast.
  • Unit is also available for operation with external frequency converter.
  • Fl 52 and Fl104 can be delivered with mounted air distribution modules that cause the extraction of impure air in the top and the return of clean air at the floor.
  • Filterline-units with/without selected Airtower modules (PFL) are available with W3-filter certificate.
  • Filter cabinet is made in 2mm Black steel plate and powder enamelled. Is available for outdoor mounting.

Futher is available:

  • Backdraft damper type KTR for placement in piping.
  • ½”-pressure regulator with manometer and pressure reducing valve
  • Remotely controlled start/stop by magnet-operated motor protection switch with 230VAC-coil voltage.
  • Channel silencer for noise damping in outlet air
  • Precoat unit type PCA
  • Precoat 11.5kg in sack

Principle sketchfor flow through Filterline type FL with built-in fan.

Principle sketch for flow through Filterline type FL without built-in fan.

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