Filter unit FRS

Filter unit for use at educational institutions, schools and smaller workshops and the like, where extraction from machines as well as cleaning outlets are required.
FRS with a compact design can easily be made fit for production areas and connected to several chip and dust making machine types in both the wood and metal industries and at the same time be used for cleaning purposes.
Dust class

Product Features

  • Inexpensive filter unit for many tasks
  • Compact filter unit in many versions
  • Option for manual or automatic filter cleaning
  • Easy filter replacement through bolt-mounted front door
  • Built-in cleaning outlet
  • Is available with dust container or sack rack

Product Highlights

Filter unit type FRS/AUT 20 with 150L dust container and Mount fan in sound enclosure

Further data

  • Filter unit type FRS is available in 12 sizes with filter area from 10-40m² and dust container/sack rack from 1x72L to 2x240L)
  • Air volume up to 6,000³/h
  • Vacuum up to 10,000Pa
  • FRS is a compact filter unit that is available with manual or automatic Roto-cleaning of filter cartridges (FRS MAN/ FRS AUT).
  • The unit is available as single cabinet (10-20m² filter area) or double cabinet (40m²)
  • Gram fan can be mounted on top of FRS 10-20.
  • For measurements with and without automactic Roto-cleaning, please see brochure page.
  • Gram cartridge filters for these units meet demands for separation degree for dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69, i.e. separation degree >99.9%.
  • Filter cabinet is made in 2mm black steel plate and powder enamelled.
  • Is available in hot-galvanized, enamelled steel plates for outdoor mounting.

Further is available:

  • Sack and sack holder for 72L dust container (150L always delivered with sack and sack holder)
  • FRS 10-20: 380L-sack, placed behind door below in cabinet, locked in top by suspension flange with Quick-filter clamp. For double cabinet FRS 40, 2 pcs. 240L-sacks.
  • Automatic box for Gram Roto-cleaning with gear motor (FRS/AUT)
  • Reductions for inlet and outlet
  • Connection to transfer-pipe
  • Connection to JKF-edge
  • Fill-level sensor type OEM-K
  • Filter guard for measurment of differential pressure above filter
  • Signal device with constant or flashing light

Mount fan type VPH or RVH is available in sound enclosure (only FRS 10-20).

M7-mount fan (type VL or VE) is available in sound enclosure type VBS (outlet by top connection).

Filter unit type FRS/AUT 40 with 2x240L sack rack

Principle sketch

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