Pivotal hood LE

Strong pivotal hood for the extraction of grinding dust, welding smok as well as fumes from larger surfaces. Direct hose connection to channel, ranges 3-6 m.
Pivotal hood consists of a swing arm with metal pipe and hose as well as hood. Is constructed to carry heavier hoods/suction panels. Carrying capacity up to 35 kg (in rotating joint). Delivered with mountings for wall.

Product Features

  • Carrying capacity for straigth suspended suction surfaces: 35 kg
  • Carrying capacity for tiltable suspended suction surfaces: 10 kg
  • Standard hood: 300x1500mm with edge extraction
  • Hood is made in aluminium with protection edges
  • Hood is self-supporting and be tilted and rotated 360°
  • Is also standard available withe extraction panel
  • Alternative hoods with edge extraction in steel or aluminium

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Flexible swiveling solution for the carrying hoods and extraction panels in connection with work places that are covered by common extraction arms and stationary solutions.
  • Are delivered with mountings for wall.
  • Extension arms for increase of range up to 6 metres are available.
  • Total arm length from 3 to 6 metres with large carrying capacity.
  • In the program several alternative hoods/panels are included.
  • Gram fans can eb recommended, possibly built into Gram sound enclosures.
  • For extraction tasks with solvents the fan must be in an ATEX-version.

LE 3000 - 4000

Type Order no. A B With hood Diameter Working range
LE 3000 01 610 600 1045 2000 300 ø200 3500
LE 4000 01 615 600 1940 2000 300 ø200 4400


LE 5000 - 6000

Type Order no. A B C Range(ø200mm) Width hood Diameter Working range
LE 5000 01 620 600 2235 995 2000 5630 300 ø200 5650
LE 6000 01 625 600 2235 1890 2000 6425 300 ø200 6550



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