Motor protection HBM

Motor protection switch is used to start and stop a motor, e.g. in connection with a fan. Protects against short circuit, overload and phase failure.
Hand-operated motor protection switch is available in the sizes between 0.63 and 16 Ampere. Is operated by rotary switch. Can either be mounted outside on unit or installed in unit, where these are prepared for it.

Product Features

  • Durable reliable motor protection switch
  • Easy, technical way to start and stop a motor
  • Suitable for workshop environment
  • Designed and tested according to EN 60947

Product Highlights

Futher data

Motor protection switches can be used for Gram fans type VT, VL, VH and VE 2200 - 4000. All other fan models use frequncy converter or Y-D-motor starter.

Hand-operated protection switch type HBM is available in two versions:

  • Hand-operated motor protection swicht with enclosure and motor protection block complete.

        This model is mounted outside on unit.

  • Hand-operated installation motor protection switch with front for installation in cabinets and motor protection block complete.

        This model in built into units, where these are prepared for it.

Available in following sizes:

0.63-1A, 1-1.6A, 1.6-2.5A, 2.5-4A, 4-6.3A, 6.3-10A and 10-16A.

Both motor protection switches are temperature compensated.


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