Motor starter MSYD

Motor starter Y-D is used to start a larger motor. Can be controlled remotely by a contact box. Is used among other things on filter unit type FL for process extraction.
Star-delta motor starter is used to protect the wiring against larger currents in the start-up phase. Used mainly for larger motors, heavy-starting fans among other things.

Product Features

  • Automatic start-delta starter
  • Protects the wiring
  • Easy operation
  • Control voltage 230 VAC
  • IP 65 protected
  • Approved according tol EN 60947
  • Y-D-motor starters can be used for Gram fans type VE and RV from 5.5kW
Technical specifications:
Operation: On front of the motor starter there is:

- push button for start

- push button for stop

Supply: 3 x 400 VAC

3 fase + N + PE

Max. start time: 30 sec.
Frequency: Nominal frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Control voltage: 230 VAC
Placement: May not be used in explosive environments
kW: 3 - 30
Temperature (operation): -5°C - 40°C
Protection rating: IP65


Further data

Box dimensions are:

Height 348mm, width 186mm, depth 176mm.


Contact box for motor starter


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