Panel extration PU

Panel extraction PU is excellent as angle grinding wall at grinding with angle grinder or eccentric sander to remove metal dust.
Panel extraction PU is made in steel with extraction slots. Standard constructed with back and side walls, connected in an angle, which makes the extraction especially efficient.

Product Features

  • Angle wall construction is optimal at grinding
  • Splendid construction to capture metal dust at grinding
  • Is delivered in 3 parts that are easily assemblied and mounted
  • Even backside enables mounting directly on the wall
  • High capture velocity
  • Air is distributed over the complete extraction surface

Further data

  • Extraction panel for stationary extraction for dust sorts, constructed as an angle wall.
  • Standard version has outlet on the side of corner module.
  • PU is also available with connection in panel top or bottom.
  • Extraction surface is made in suction slots with high capture velocity.
  • The panel is designed so air is distributed over the extraction surface.

Measurement: Delivered in height 500mm.

Is standard availabl in following lenght/angle length measurements:

  • 1000mm/500mm
  • 1000mm/1000mm
  • 2000mm/1000mm

Is availabl in special Measurements (dividable with 250mm)


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