Pre-filter unit SPC

Used as pre-filter unit for the filtration of process air that contains flammable fibres and particles, e.g. from polishing tasks.
SPC-unit is avaiable as single cabinet with room for 1 prefilter trap and as double cabinet with room for 2 presfilter traps. SPC is also available wiht an additional filtration step through built-in F9-fine filter (compact filter)

Product Features

  • Pre-filter unit for the capture of e.g. flammable fibres and particles
  • SPC is always delivered with prefilter fang
  • SPC is available with an additional filtration step, F9
  • Clean air is led out through connection in bottom
  • Filters are replaced for emptying as needed by front door
  • Outlet can be delivered in left (standard) or right side

Product Highlights

Further data

SPC prefilter is available in 4 sizes with the following:

  • SPC1, connection: ø315mm, 2 prefilter traps
  • SPC1, connection: ø315mm, 2 prefilter traps and 1 F9-fine filters
  • SPC2, connection: ø400mm, 4 prefilter traps
  • SPC2, connection: ø400mm, 4 prefilter traps and 2 F9-fine filters

Air volume up to 8,000m³/h

Vacuum up to 5,000Pa.

Pre-filter consists of nylon with prefilter fang in the bottom.

The pre-filter units separates fibers and wads.

If the compact filter/fine filter is selected as additional filtration step, this provides a filtration efficiency >95%, equivalent to filter class F9 according to DS EN779.

Gram filter guard is recommended.

SPC is easily placed on an even surface on the fixed-mounted legs and connected to piping.

If there is any risk of sparking in the work process, you should take the prefilter fang out of the unit at the end of work (see brochure page.

Filter cabinet is made in 2mm black steel plate and thus powder enamelled.

Further is available:

Nylon prefilter fang with bottom, pore opening 0.25mm

Nylon prefilter fang and compact filter F9

Principle sketch for flow

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