Signal devices ALA

For all forms of monitoring, including Gram system guard, a wide range of signal devices for both visual and acoustic alarm is available.
The program consists of various signal devices, bulbs as well as acoustic sounders. The signal devices can be delivered with constant light, flash and the combination of light and acoustic sounders.

Product Features

  • Simple, specially selected signal devices
  • Meet demands regarding system monitoring
  • Tested and dependable
  • Components easy to mount
  • Visual alarm
  • Acoustic alarm

Product Highlights

Further data

Gram signal devices meet demands/requirements for monitoring. They are thoroughly tested and specially selected. They can all be combined with other Gram products.

Option for both indoor and outdoor mounting.

The lamps are available in colours: e.g. red, yellow, green.

The program includes following products:

  1. Signal device with constant light
  2. Signall device with flash (2 types)
  3. Signal device with acoustic sounder (buzzer)
  4. Bulbs for constant light as well as energy-saving LED-bulb.

This signal device with constant light is very used. It is dependable and part of Gram system guard type L, where it meets governmental demands for system monitoring in extraction units.

It is a very warning light suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting.

Standard available in red, but also available in a yellow and green version.

Loose bulbs with constant light or LED-bulb are available.

Signal device with extra strong flash.

Warning lamp that covers a large area.

Very light-strong solution.

Flash frequency from 60-90 flashes per minute.


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