System guard L

System guard type L meets the governmental demands for system monitoring in extraction units. Is delivered as complete package. Simple, stabile and easy to Mount.
Gram system guard type L detects whether the extraction is sufficient in an extraction unit. Up to 100 additional signal devices can be connected so all affected work places receive a signal.

Product Features

  • System guard L0 is used for measuring range: 20-300 Pa
  • System guard L1 is used for measuring range: 200-1,000 Pa
  • System guard L3 is used for measuring range: 1,000-4,000 Pa
  • System guard L4 is used for measuring range: 2,300-21,500Pa
  • The product is CE-marked
  • Maximum differential pressure: 40mbar (4000 Pa), L0, L1, L3
  • Maximum differential pressure: 600mmbar (60kPa), L4
  • All versions are available with electric bulb or LED

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Gram system guard type L is delivered as a complete package, e.g. including: differential pressure pressostat, signal device, 2m pressure hose and measuring probe for riveting.
  • The compact differential pressure pressostat follows the EU-directive and is CE-marked.
  • Optimal pressure guard for measuring positive, negative and differential pressure in ventilation units.
  • The pressostat has a setting dial that is easy to adjust to the required setting due to a manageable scale in Pa.
  • Elegant signal device with constant light for indoor and outdoor mounting.
  • The system guard is availabl in a different version as filter guard, where the signal device is not red but orange/yellow, since in this situation is not a danger signal.


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