Turbo wall model A and B GT

Extraction wall placed on an even work table. Suitable for the extraction at: Vanishing, glueing, polishing, welding, where the fumes, gases, smoke and dust are removed.
Turbo wall must be connected to an extraction unit. GT is made in enamelled steel in two versions: Model A with staigth bottom. Model B with curved bottom. GT is available with slant cut side plates, which provide maximum effect.

Product Features

  • Large extraction surface
  • Large extraction capacity at a low air volume
  • Low differential pressure
  • Easy mounting
  • Low weight, easy handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Is available with straight or slant cut sides

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Turbo wall GT must be placed on an even surface, where the work is done. GT operates with coanda-effect.
  • Turbo wall GT is manufactured in 5 lenghts: 500mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and in two versions A and B.
  • A has a straight backside, where B has a curved backside.
  • Model A for maximum work area.
  • Model B for air flow optimization.
  • Maximum efficiency is achieved at the mounting of slant cut side plates.
  • Model B with curved bottom can extract impurities further away from the opening.
  • Model B is 65 % more efficient than model A.

Flow through turbo wall type GT (MODEL A):

Flow through turbo wall type GT (MODEL B):


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