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With over 40 years of experience Gram Clean Air A/S designs and manufactures today some of the best solutions on the market in process ventilation and filtering to many industries in the whole of Europe.

Our longstanding knowhow in combination with professional consulting and own production ensure our customer the most intelligent solutions with focus on efficiency and quality.

Product focus:

Pre-filter unit type SPC

Pre-filter unit with fang type SPC is used as a pre-filter for the filtration of process air that contains threads and possible flammable fibres and particles, e.g. from polishing tasks.

"In connection with surface treatment in the form of grinding and polishing, it is important to note that particles like threads and fluff from polishing are flammable and in mixture with sparking processes can result in fire in the filter units. Advantageously you can mount the pre-filter unit type SPC between the extraction places for polishing and the filter, before a mixture with extraction from possible sparking processes happens.”

Brian Larsen - Sales Manager


Extraction tables type UFPR energy-optimized

Product update of fan part on UFPR-table creates energy-optimization!

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