Company profile

Come and be part of the familiy

At Gram Clean Air A/S, we are passionate about improving the working environment. Therefore, we also internally emphasize very much on job statisfaction, well-being and health, which result in good working environment and job safety.

Gram Clean Air A/S is a company with a flat organization and a solid base that is supported by our values that go through the whole organization and the way we work.

We protect the company family culture, community and the values, Co-operation, Communication and Respect that are clearly experienced through sustained succes and continued development through decades.

As a new employee, you feel from day one the helpfulness from colleges, a non-committal tone with respect for each other's differences and room for humour.


"The employees in the sales department at Gram Clean Air A/S come from many different backgrounds. We are treated equally, respected and appreciated, as who we are and the value, with which we contribute."

Heidi Moisen
The sales department

You will experience an onboarding program, where you will be well prepared for your work tasks and quickly become a part of the family. That is the way that Gram Clean Air A/S have been able to create a staff with great seniority, as well as a large and loyal customer base througout Europe.

At Gram Clean Air A/S, you will therefore experience:

  Large focus on well-being and job satisfaction   Health insurance  
  Family spirit   Pension  
  Freedom with responsibility & worklife balance   Good and helpful colleagues  
  Flex time (hourly worker)   Social arrangements  
  Free choise account (hourly worker)   Fast and easy access to E45-highway  
  Collective agreement of Danish Industry (hourly worker)   Good and safe working environment in bright, comfortable rooms  


Our positions

Gram Clean Air A/S have positions within following areas:

  • Metalworkers
  • Welders
  • Industrial operators with versatile competences
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Office/administration
  • Technical design
  • Project staff

We offer student places within the areas:

  • Trade with speciality in sales
  • Metalworkers
Number employees
> 60
Form of company
Since 1976 A/S (Ltd)
10 years AAA-rating