Job profiles

As future employee at Gram Clean Air A/S you must be able to vouch for the values that we have mentioned in "Working at Gram Clean Air A/S" as well as:

All hourly workers are employed under the Danish Industrial Agreement (Industriens Overenskomst), and most of these employees have a flex-time agreement.

We expect that you as our future employee are stabil, loyal and willing to take responsibility. You are flexible and adaptable, and you are willing to use your competences across the company. Further we expect that you are active and have no reluctance towards new and unaccustomed tasks. If you also have a good mood and a positive attitude that can spread enjoyment of work, you will fit very well into our family.

We look typical for employees with the folloing competences:

  • Metal workers
  • Welders
  • Metal worker apprentices
  • industry operators with versatile competences

Further we occasionally have vacant positions within:

  • Office/management
  • Technical design
  • Project workers
  • Sales

We do not look for warehouse employees, logistics employees, service staff and the like. So if your core competencies are these, it is better to send your application to another place.

Do you recognize yourself in our values and expectations for a new employee, you are most welcome to send us an unsolicited application with a resume.

Contact to the HR-department

Please, send directly to HR-department: