Working at Gram Clean Air A/S

As a family owned company dependability, openness and sincerity have been a part of creating a strong basis for continued success, which has meant continued progress and expansion over several decades.

Health ist written with capital letters at Gram Clean Air A/S. This applies to a good working environment, work safety as well as ergonomic aids.

Also in the dealing with and between colleagues we attach great importance to politeness, acceptance of each other, honesty and helpfulness. It is in this way that Gram Clean Air A/S has been able to create a work staff with partly large seniority as well as a large and loyal clientele in Denmark and several European countries.

At Gram Clean Air A/S we have some modern, bright rooms with a good indoor climate. We have good staff conditions, e.g. a bright canteen with free WIFI and access to kitchen and terrace. Further we have a staff club by the name "KiloGram" that manages a gift arrangement for colleagues as well as organizes various events.

We keep an informal tone with respect for the differences of each other, and there must be room for a sense of humor in everyday life.

Here you can read some statements from our colleagues about being an employee at Gram Clean Air A/S:


Morten O., construction:

"I have been an employee at Gram Clean Air A/S since 1995, where I started in a apprenticeship as metal worker. After completing the apprenticeship I was permanently employed and worked in the metal working department until October 2013, where I had an accident with my bike. This caused an operation in my wrist, which meant that I could not continue my career in the metal-working area. Therefore I was on the edge of loosing my job.

Fortunately an opening came in the drawing office, so I could continue at the work place in a new function. I know the products that we manufacture and I know of the challenges that can be with the drawing material for the metal workers. I have been on several training courses to learn the bacis elements and was further educated internally in the various tasks in the  drawing office.

I have now worked in the drawing office since 2014 and I like it very much. Even though I now have become an office worker, I still have close contact to my colleagues in the metal working department."


Brian B., assembly department:

"I have been employed since 16th February 2016. As a new employee you are being very well received in the company. Both from the daily manager and the new colleagues. I come from L√łgumkloster and have previously worked in Christiansfeld. I found the drive everyday tiresome.
That I do not anymore since I started in this company. Here is room for humor in the everyday life, and should some small conflicts between colleagues  occur, they are quickly resolved, so they do not influence the working climate in the department.

It is also nice to see that the management is visible and that the managers are not afraid to give a hand, when it is necessary."

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