23.06.2022 13:07

New export account manager

On 1st June 2022, Mr. Holger Loth was hired in our sales department, where he will support the team in the German-speaking countries. Mr. Loth was born in Germany, but moved to Denmark in 2006, where he has since worked with sales of various types of technical products. 

Cyclone filter type ACF-T 468 DH

Case from Prodan A/S

Cutting smoke extraction from processes in plasma cutting


Prodan A/S in Randers, Denmark, that is a leading machine factory in metal and plastic working, has together with HK Ventilation Aps in Hobro, Denmark, optimized their filter solution for processes in plasma cutting.

Existing filter solution with 8 filter cartridges was not sufficient for the actual air and particle volumes from the connected process solutions, which meant large costs due to frequent filter change.

The solution was a new Gram ACF-T 468 DH filter unit with 18 filter cartridges. With the increased filter area, efficient compressed air cleaning and thus less filter stress, the filter element life was significantly prolonged.

Precoat unit type PCA

At the same time with the new ACF-T 468 DH filter unit, a PCA precoat unit was installed for automatic dosage of precoat in the filter unit. Precoat increases the filter element life significantly, since the precoat dries out the oily air from plasma cutting, and thus the filter unit can better shoot the filter elements clean.

Existing bigbag-under frame as well as rotary valve chamber were reused from existing filter unit.

Repair and maintenance manager Mr. Finn Borza Jensen from Prodan A/S says that their filter change has gone from replacement every 14 days to not yet having replaced the filter elements after operation for 6 months.

New product video

The sales department has been active again and has produced a new presentation video for our ergonomic extraction table with electro-hydraulic height-adjustment type UFH-E. Press the button below and see the video on our Youtube-channel:

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