19.04.2023 13:09

New technical salesperson at Gram Clean Air A/S

In March, the sales department has been expanded with mr. Mahmoud Semhan that started as technical salesperson. With the employment, we wish to ensure the high technical level in our customer advice for the future. Mr. Semhan is a trained mechanical engineer and has previously worked with ventilation at the Danish companies Bravida Danmark A/S and Kemp & Lauritzen A/S.

Mr. Semhan will from now on advice customers regarding problem solving and product selection as well as he internally in the company will play a significant part in connection with technical backup as well as technical sales material and content for Gram Salestool.

We look forward to the co-operation and welcome Mr. Semhan to the team!

Photo above: Silo filter type S-CJF shown with weather protection for diffuse outlet

Gram Silo filter type S-CJF

After several customer requests, we have chosen to resume the production of the silo filters type S-CJF, now in a simplified version with the same efficient automatic filter control as in our CJF-units.

In connection with the filling of silos with dusty material, a dustfree equalization of overpressure will typically be needed, and this with a separation degree that ensures compliance with applicable emission limits. With separation degree according to dust class ”M”, according to DIN EN 60335-2-69 Appendix AA (separation degree > 99.9%), it is ensured that the overpressure air does not:

  • contaminate the surrounding environment
  • cause health problems for the employees
  • lead to damage to equipment around the silo

S-CJF is easy to bolt on top of silo, filters outlet air and lead filtered material directly back to silo.

Unit is as standard made in galvanized powder enamelled plate and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. For silos covered by ATEX, the silo filter S-CJF is also available in an ATEX-version with relief for own volume.


Drawing left: Silo filter type S-CJF shown without weather protection, with easy access to filter replacement from the clean air side

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