Cutting table PB

Manual durable cutting table suitable for handheld plasma cutting. The cutting table is designed with water boxes and air distribution chamber.
Plasma cutting table has a steel cutting grid, consisting for steel ribs as table top. Profiles in grid system are 30x6mm (on the edge). The cutting table is made with Water boxes, where the dust is captured during cutting process.

Product Features

  • Manual cutting table
  • Cutting table made with water boxes
  • Plasma cutting table is suitable for handheld plasma cutting
  • Easily detachable table steel grid system
  • Earth connection outside on table
  • Water boxes, where dust and smoke are captured in the water
  • Max. table weight load: 25mm black steel plate

Product Highlights

Futher data

  • Plasma table PB, where the air is sucked by ribs in the table grid system (table top) down between the water boxes that distributed the extraction evenly.
  • The air is collected thereafter in the connection for central extraction.
  • Extraction air is efficiently distributed between water boxes.
  • Earth connection outside on table.
  • Earthe connection for use in connection with plastma cutter.

The cutting table is available in 4 sizes with following grid measurement:

  • 550x1100mm, 1100x1100mm, 2100x1100mm and 2600x1350mm.
  • It is important that the air volumes are met.

For special purposes we deliver plasma cutting tables with other measurements and designs.


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