Cyclone filter ACF, ACF-T and ACF-V

Energy-optimized compressed-air cleaned unit with cyclone effect for LARGER filtration tasks. Used for the filtration of welding smoke, grinding dust and dusty air.
The filter unit is delivered completely assemblied, is then raised and connected. ACF/ACF-T are delivered for vacuum up to 5,000Pa. ACF-V is delivere for vacuum up tol 40,000Pa. ACF-T has the clean air connection in the top, on the others it is placed on the side.
Dust class

Product Features

  • Pre-separation by cyclone effect
  • Especially efficient cleaning
  • Intended for larger filtration task
  • Filters are replaced through front door in unit
  • Easy mounting, connection and operation
  • Quicklock-adjustable dust container on wheels
  • Reinforced construction for high-vacumm is available

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Complete and efficient cyclone filter with differential pressure control.
  • Option for mounting of fan.
  • Inlet with downflow, pre-separation by cyclone effect as well as optimized filter cleaning ensure lower differential pressure above the filter cartridge. By this longer operating times with less shutdowns as well as lower operating costs (filter materials, electricity and compressed-air consumption) are achieved.
  • The air is filtered through a vertically placed cartridge filter with internal filter core that optimizes the cleaning effect.
  • Filters are easily replaced by front door.
  • Quicklock-adjustable dust container on 4 turnable wheels ensure user-friendly dust container operation.
  • The cyclon filters are available in many versions and sizes, please, see brochure page.
  • The filter units use cartrigde filters that meet the separation demands for dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69, i,e, separation degree abover 99.9%.
  • Filter material is selected according to task.
  • Filter cabinet is made in 2mm steel plate and powder enamelled.
  • Can also be delivered for outdoor mounting.

Further is available:

  • Mirrored connections, outlet connection in top.
  • Gram fans for ACF-T or top for mounting of fan by other manufactures.
  • Backdraft damper type KTR for placement in piping
  • Sack holder for 70L dust container.
  • 148L dust container with sack holder (larger height)
  • Side channel blowers and sliding dampers, see brochure page
  • Fill sprout with and without false air inlet
  • Underframe for bulk bag
  • ½”-water separator and pressure reducing valve
  • Fill-level sensor OEM-K
  • Temperature sensor type RT101 as well as alarm devices
  • Precoat unit type PCA
  • Precoat 11.5kg in sack
  • Explostion-protected/reliefed version for installation in ATEX-zones
  • Unit constructed for filtration of welding smoke in class W3.

Principle sketch for flow ACF/ACF-V

Principle sketch for flow ACF-T

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