Cyclone filter CJF-A and CJF-V-A

Cyclone filter for ATEX-zones 21/22 and 21/21. Compact compressed-air cleaned filter unit is excellent for filtration of welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting smoke and dusty air.
CJF-A is delivered completely assemblied, is raised and connected. Equipped with differential pressure controlled compressed-air cleaning and explosion membrane for relief. CJF-A is delivered for vacuum up to 5,000Pa and CJF-V-A up to 40,000Pa.
Dust class

Product Features

  • Preseparation by cyclone effect
  • Efficient cleaning for the price
  • Simple mounting, connection and operation
  • Optimized filter cleaning ensures lower differential pressure
  • Quicklock-adjustable dust container on wheels
  • Easy filtre replacement with limited dust generation
  • Reinforce construction for high-vacuum is available

Product Highlights

Further data

Cyclone filter type CJF-A with filter material G113:

Raw air ATEX zone: 21

Outside and clean air chamber ATEX zone: 21 or 22

Cyklone filters are standard available in 3 sizes:

CJF-A: 13, 26 and 52, as well as

CJF-V-A: 13, 26 and 52. 

  • Complete and simple filter unit with differential pressure control.
  • Cable with plug and compressed-air supply hose make the connection easy.
  • Inlet with downflow, preseparation by cyclone effect as well as optimized filter cleaning ensure lower differential pressure above the filter cartridges.
  • By this longer operation times with less shutdowns are achieved.
  • The filters are easily replaced by unit side.
  • The filter units use antistatic cartridge filters that meet the separation degree demands for dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69, i.e. separation degree above 99.9%.
  • Filter material is selected according to task.
  • Quicklock-adjustable dust container on 4 turnable Wheels ensures user-friendly dust container operation.
  • Filter cabinet is made in 2mm steel plate and subsequently powder enamelled.
  • Also available for outdoor mounting.
  • Above filter unit is made for a selected ATEX-zone and equipped with ATEX-certificate from factory.
Temperature sensor type RT101

Further is available:

  • Filter replacement from the side
  • Sack holder for 70L dust container
  • 148L dust container with sack holder (height is increased)
  • ATEX-rotary valve chamber
  • Underframe for bulk bag
  • ½”–pressure regulator with manometer and pressure reducing valve
  • Rapture sensor for explosion membrance
  • At requirement for indoor relief we recommend cyclone filter type ACF-A-HO

Principle sketch for flow through cyclone filter type CJF-A/CJF-A-V

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