Filter unit FR and FR-V

Compact filter unit, suitable for filtration of air from dust and chip-making processes, e.g. in connection with grinding machines and smaller blast cabinets.
For tasks of shorter duration and with smaller material volumes the FR-unit is an excellent solution. The unit is equipped with manual Roto-cleaning. Available in low pressure version (FR) and high-pressure version (FR-V).
Dust class

Product Features

  • Advantageous, compact filter unit
  • Equipped with efficiently cleaning cartridge filter
  • Available in 2 sizes for low or high pressure
  • FR is available with mounted fan
  • Vacuum up to 40,000Pa (FR-V)

Product Highlights

Further data

Filter unit type FR is available in 2 sizes: FR3 and FR5. These units are available with mounted fan.

For FR the following applies:

  • Air volume up to 560m³/h
  • Vacuum up to 5,000Pa
  • Filter area:  3.00 – 3.75m²

FR is available in another version for high pressure called: FR-V

For FR-V the following applies:

  • Air volume up to 560m³/h
  • Vacuum up tol 40,000Pa
  • Filter area:  3.00 – 3.75m²
  • Please, note: FR-V is not available with mounted fan.

For measurements, please see brochure page.

Filter unit type FR with top-mounted fan

All units are standard equipped with manual Roto-cleaning. It is operated by handle after switching off the fan.

Dust and chips are collected in dust container below in unit.

Dust container is mounted with Quicklock-adjustable system and equipped with 4 wheels.

Gram cartridge filters for these units meet demands for separation degree for dust class M according to DIN EN 60335-2-69, i.e. separation degree >99,9%.

Filter cabinet is made in 2mm Black steel plate and powder enamelled.

Futher is available:

  • Filter guard (pressostat), for Measurement of differential pressure above the filter.
  • Reductions for inlet and outlet
  • Outlet sound enclosure* (for FR-units with fan)
    *Note: Made for recirculation

Filter unit type FR-V

Filter unit type FR with mounted outlet sound enclosure

Principle sketch

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