Mobile extraction arm TP

Mobile extraction arm with fan type TP is very suitable in connection with shifting work places. Equipped with RG suction arm in 3m length.
The mobile extraction arm type TP is equipped with the dependable Gram fan type VT and built on a stabile trolley. The trolley is designed with combined hose bracket and handle.

Product Features

  • Extraction arm on trolley with fan is a complete product
  • Is available in TP3020
  • Is available with suction arm in 3m length
  • Suction arm can rotate freely 360° in console
  • Standard damper in hood, can be delivered with quick coupling
  • Hood can be equipped with spotlight and start/stop-switch
  • Strong platform/trolley with low centre of gravity
  • The trolley has combined hose bracket and handle
  • Is available with hand-operated motor protection

Product Highlights

Is available with hand-operated motor protection mounted in bracket incl. 5m cable with plug

Further data

  • Extraction arm on trolley with fan type TP is especially suitable for extraction at shifting work places.
  • It is equipped with fan type VT 2000 with 1.1kW motor.
  • It is available in TP 3020 with 3m arm length. The arm has a diameter of ø160mm.
  • The arm can rotate freely 360° in console.
  • The suction arm is mounted on a platform equipped with 4 wheels, of which 2 are turnable and lockable.
  • The platform/trolley is designed with a hose bracket that also works as a user-friendly handle.
  • The trolley has a low centre of gravity to make it as stabile as possible.
  • The hood that standard has a damper can be equipped with a quick coupling for extension hose. Max. outlet hose length is 10m.
  • The hood can be supplied with spotlight and start/stop-switch.
  • The extraction is constructed with external bar system. This reduces wear, increased air flow and makes service and adjustment easier.
  • The trolley is delivered in robust powder enamelled version.


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