Sound enclosure VB

Sound enclosure type VB for the reduction of mechnical noise from the fans, for the transport of clean air. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting
Efficient sound enclosures type VB are intended for the noise reduction from Gram fans. The enclosures are made in galvanized steel plates. Are supplied with strong fittings for firm surface.

Product Features

  • Efficient sound enclosure
  • Prepared for cable mounting
  • Flex connections on inlet and outlet
  • Internally lined with tested sound-absorbing materials
  • Internally lined with tested fire resistant material
  • Fan mounted on vibration absorbers
  • Delivered with fittings for firm surface
  • Is easily moved with forklift pockets

Product Highlights

Further data

  • Gram sound enclosures type VB are internally lined with sound-absorbing material according to EN ISO 11925-2 and fire resistant material according to Flammability ME 1333, category B. (see brochure page ”LYM”, product Group 8 (Equipment)).
  • The emitted noise from the fans is reduced by approx. 15dB(A).
  • Indicative noise damping data, see brochure page VB.
  • To achieve a total fan noise  damping it is necessary to silence fan inlet and outlet. This is possible with e.g. channel silencers.
  • Fan is mounted on vibration absorbers and connected on connections with flexible connections.
  • The construction is not suitable for material transport due to flexible connections.
  • Prepared for mounting of cables (up to 3 pieces).
  • Electro motor is cooled through sound sluice.
  • The cabinet is easily moved by forklift pockets.
  • VB is made with fittings for firm surface and be connected to all Gram fans e.g.: VT, VL, VH, VF, VE, VP, RV and HV.
  • For further data, please see brochure page.


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