Large selection in hoses for process extraction. The hoses are especially suitable for the transport of e.g. clean air, wearing particles as well as hot air.

It is a wide range of hoses for the transport of clean air, dust or firm particles for low and high-rpessure areas, with the option of temperatures up to 600°C.

The program also includes anti-static hoses.

Channel components for the construction for high-vacuum units from stationary high-vacuum suction units, e.g. Gram filter unit type HFU.

The channel components are used for the extraction/cleaning from handheld machines (e.g. grinders).

Spring balancers for the suspension of tools as well as vibration-absorbing materials are also part of this group.

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Flexible hoses for process extraction

Hose S

Gram Clean Air offers a complete ventilation hose program for the extraction of: welding, dust, exhaust gases, chips and hot air.
  • Especially selected hose for ventilation purposes
  • Hoses for e.g. Gram extraction arms
  • Hoses for low and high vacuum
  • Hoses for flue gases, dust and chips
  • Hoses for exhaust gases
  • Hoses for explosive environments
  • High-temperature hoses
  • Clamps, easyclip and protection sleeves

Channel components high-vacuum

Channel components for high-vacuum

Duct system components for high pressure H

Pipe program for the channel system construction for use at high-vacuum installations. All pipes and other components are galvanized and are thus electrically conductive.
  • For all pipes/channel components type H the following apply:
  • Galvanized surface
  • Wall thickness: 1.25 to 2mm
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C
  • Vacuum: up to 50,000Pa
  • Fit all Gramm high-pressure valves
  • Fit pneumatic and electrically powered slinding valves
  • Sealing clamps are also available in electrically conductive versions

Spring balancers

Spring balancers for the suspension of hoses and tools

Spring balancers GTA

GTA balancers are used for the suspension of e.g. tools, so it becomes weightless. thus relieving the user, tools get less damaged and the floor is kept free.
  • Gram spring balancers prevents back injuries as a result of repetitive lifting
  • Spring balancers type GTA can be used for many purposes
  • With locking device the requipred tool position can be locked
  • For the suspension of tools that are often used
  • Perfect for the susupension together with VA-arm and hose
  • Standard lengths from 1.6m to 8m
  • Capacity up to 20kg

Sound and vibration absorbing

Sound and vibration absorbing materials

Sound absorbing material LYM

Sound absorbing material type LYM is intended for efficient soundproofing in connection with e.g. filter units and fans.
  • Sound absorbing material for filter units and fans
  • Sound absorbing material for air noise or vibration
  • Sound absorbing materials with different densities
  • Selection for sound absorbing materials depends on purpose
  • All types are kept in stock

Vibration absorbers VIB

Vibration absorbers type VIB are used at fan mounting to a firm support, e.g. in connection with Gram brackets to avoid vibration propagation.
  • Vibration absorbers are suitable for Gram brackets
  • For fan mounting on firm support
  • Prevents vibration propagation
  • Suitable at pressurizing
  • Thread bars in the both ends
  • Cylindrical vibration absorbers/dampers