ATEX Cabinets for disposable filters

Potential equalised filter cabinets for use in ATEX Zones.

The filter cabinets are equipped with mounting frames for compact and absolute filters or active filters.

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Cabinets for disposable filters KAB-A

Filter cabinets type KF-A / AF-A / AFK-A with potential equalization for use in connection with ATEX-zones (excl. explosion relief).
  • Cabinet type KF-A is intended for compact filters
  • Cabinet type AF-A is intended for absolute filters
  • Cabinet type AFK-A is intended for both compact and absolute filters
  • Use of anti-static filters are recommended
  • Can be delivered with or without welded-on legs and with/without built-in manometer
  • Process air is led into air relief chamber through connection below in filter cabinet.
  • Air leaves cabinet by either bottom plate or through side connection