ATEX High-vacuum units

Gram ATEX high vacuum systems consist of compact high vacuum units and accessories.

The range includes high vacuum units with automatic compressed air cleaned cartridge filter for use in ATEX Zone 21/22 and accessories in the form of hose reels, flap valves, couplings and cleaning equipment.

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High vacuum unit HFU-A

Compact high vacuum unit for ATEX zone: 21/22 that can be used as a central vacuum cleaner for cleaning or connection to a hand tool.
  • Polluted air is led into unit through tangential inlet in raw air chamber top.
  • Air is filtered through vertical-placed filter cartridge with internal filter core for optimal cleaning effect
  • Differential pressure controlled filter cleaning by integrated compressed-air system
  • Sound is damped by channel silencers on outlet integrated in unit.
  • Dust collected in dust container in unit bottom that is suspended in ø400mm/16-system flange
  • Explosion membrane is placed on unit backside

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Reel for high-vacuum HOSR-A

For storage of high-vacuum hose for cleaning or extraction from hand tools.
  • Spring-driven reeling
  • Pivotal wall fitting, approx. 90°
  • Adjustable hose stop for hose arm activation
  • Integrated closing damper that opens at hose pull
  • Micro-switch for start/stop activated by hose arm
  • Channel connection by hose connection ø50mm
  • Anti-static hose: 10,000 ohm/m
  • Incl. antistatic screw muff MUHO-050-050: 10,000 ohm
  • Surface: RAL 9022

Equipment for hose reel HOSR-E

Various equipment for hose reel type HOSR and HOSR-A
  • Flap valve type PLPA ø50mm
  • Hose coupling type HOPO ø38mm and ø50mm
  • Screw muff type MUHO ø38mm and ø50mm
  • Vacuum cleaner components type GMR ø50mm