ATEX pre-separators

Preseparators in the form of cyclones.

For coarse separation of material before final filtration in filtration plants or for fan protection, cyclones are offered in ATEX design, for Zone 20, 21 and 22

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Cyclone CY-A

For application ini ATEX zone 20/21/22. As coarse separator before filter units or as fan protection you can advantageously use a cyclone of the type CY-A. For high vacuum the type CY-V-A can be used.
  • Polluted air enters unit through tangential inlet on cyclone side top.
  • Particles are separated by cyclone effect and fall down along cyclone side and are collected in dust container in unit buttom.
  • Dust container is suspended and emptied by Gram Quicklock-adjustable suspension.
  • The clean air is led out by connection in unit top.
  • Explosion membrane placed on unit inlet side.

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