Extraction walls

Exhaust walls, intended for the extraction of light and heavy gases, dust and particles.

Gram extraction walls comes in lengths from 500mm to 2000mm.

The products are designed to remove both lighter and heavier particles by processes such as:

Bonding, varnishing, sanding, polishing, spray painting.

Some products are supplied in several variants.

Suitable for industrial use as well as use in educational institutions.

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Turbo wall model A and B GT

Extraction wall placed on an even work table. Suitable for the extraction at: Vanishing, glueing, polishing, welding, where the fumes, gases, smoke and dust are removed.
  • Large extraction surface
  • Large extraction capacity at a low air volume
  • Low differential pressure
  • Easy mounting
  • Low weight, easy handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Is available with straight or slant cut sides

Panel extration PU

Panel extraction PU is excellent as angle grinding wall at grinding with angle grinder or eccentric sander to remove metal dust.
  • Angle wall construction is optimal at grinding
  • Splendid construction to capture metal dust at grinding
  • Is delivered in 3 parts that are easily assemblied and mounted
  • Even backside enables mounting directly on the wall
  • High capture velocity
  • Air is distributed over the complete extraction surface

Extraction panel PUL

Extraction panel PUL is suitable for the process air extraction from grinding, milling, powder mix or other stationary dusting processes
  • Consists of steel housing and pressed steel lamellas
  • Even backside enables mounting directly on the wall
  • Delivered ready for mounting
  • Lamellas can be dismounted for easy cleaning
  • Even air flow distribution
  • High capture velocity

Filter panel PF

Filter panel PF is an efficient filter wall for the extraction of dust and damp, where filter class G4 can be used. Equipped with disposable filter. Is to be placed on a work table.
  • Durable powder enamelled spray wall
  • Filter type Z-line, filter class G4
  • Intended for damp and dust extraction
  • For work tables, where an extraction is required
  • Can be hanged on the wall
  • Easy replacement of filter

Extraction wall UP

Extraction wall UP is especially suitable at the work with paint, cleaning, polishing ord grinding. Efficient filter extraction wall for many applications.
  • Flexible powder enamelled spray/paint/extraction wall
  • Intended for fumes and dust extraction
  • Can be delivered with various efficient filters
  • As work wall, where extraction and filtration are required
  • Is available with sides and top
  • Easy to replace filters and clean the wall