Equipment for fans

Sound enclosures, safety grid, various covers and mounting equipment

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Sound enclosure VB

Sound enclosure type VB for the reduction of mechnical noise from the fans, for the transport of clean air. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting
  • Efficient sound enclosure
  • Prepared for cable mounting
  • Flex connections on inlet and outlet
  • Internally lined with tested sound-absorbing materials
  • Internally lined with tested fire resistant material
  • Fan mounted on vibration absorbers
  • Delivered with fittings for firm surface
  • Is easily moved with forklift pockets

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Weather protection VEI

Weather-protected cover for elektro motors type VEI. The cover is equipped with air cooling intake and outlet for electro motors
  • VEI is made in galvanized, powder enamelled steel
  • Weather protection cover can be retrofitted
  • Suitable for Gram fans type VT, VL, VH, VF and VE
  • Prevents electro motor damage
  • Available in various sizes
  • Is mounted on top of a fan

Fan equipment E-V

To meet customer requests and optimize the fan utilization Gram Clean Air is able to supply a rich equipment program for fans
  • Fan equipment program include among other things:
  • Motor protection switches, complete
  • Frequency converters for speed regulations
  • Differential pressure transmitters for frequency converter control
  • Versions with sparkfree ring in copper
  • Protection grid, contact safety, according to norm EN 13857

Weather-protected outlet cover AST

Weather-protected outlet cover type AST is used for fans with horizontal outlet. It prevents that snow and ice enter the fans.
  • AST is made in galvanized, powder enamelled steel
  • Weather-protected outlet cover can be retrofitted
  • Outlet is slant cut at 45 degrees
  • Can be mounted on a fa
  • Fits Gram fans type VT, VL, VH, VF and VE
  • Prevents fan damages
  • Available in many sizes

Flex mounting FLEX

Gram FLEX-mountings are used for easy mounting of e.g. fans, aggregates, hose reels, exhaust channels and the like on walls, beneath ceilings or on roofs.
  • Program for the mounting of e.g. fans
  • Roof bearer type FTS for mounting on even roofs
  • Bracket type FHK for mounting on vertical walls
  • Bracket FKK, heavier version of FHK (for walls)

Sound absorbing material LYM

Sound absorbing material type LYM is intended for efficient soundproofing in connection with e.g. filter units and fans.
  • Sound absorbing material for filter units and fans
  • Sound absorbing material for air noise or vibration
  • Sound absorbing materials with different densities
  • Selection for sound absorbing materials depends on purpose
  • All types are kept in stock

Vibration absorbers VIB

Vibration absorbers type VIB are used at fan mounting to a firm support, e.g. in connection with Gram brackets to avoid vibration propagation.
  • Vibration absorbers are suitable for Gram brackets
  • For fan mounting on firm support
  • Prevents vibration propagation
  • Suitable at pressurizing
  • Thread bars in the both ends
  • Cylindrical vibration absorbers/dampers