High-temperature fans

High-temperature centrifugal fans with closed fan blades used for point extraction from dust- or chip-producing processes.

Conveying fans for temperatures up to 200°C with closed fan blades are supplied with power up to 7,5kW and operating range up to 10.500m³/h and 3.100Pa and are designed for material transport of particles in size up to 5x5x5mm in quantities up to 5g/m³.

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Fan VE -T-C

High-temperature centrifugal fan with closed fan wheel that is used for source extaction for air-pollulant and chip making work processes.
  • Fully tested fan
  • Max. pressure: 3,100Pa.
  • Max. air volume: 10,500m³/h.
  • Max. dust volume: 5g/m³, non-sticky
  • Max. particle size: 5x5x5mm, non-sticky
  • Temperature extracted air: max. 200°C.
  • Ambient temperature: max. 30°C.

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