Cabinet for disposable filters

For processes with less dust, smoke and fumes, filter cabinets type KAB and SKF are offered designed for installation of disposable filters.

The range consists of filter cabinets with mounting frames for compact and absolute filters or active-carbon filters. The filter cabinets are designed according to the Gram M7 standard and can be combined with M7 add-on fans.

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Cabinet for disposable filters KAB

Cabinets KF, AF and AFK are used for the mounting of various disposable filters. Available as single or double cabinet. For filtration of smaller dry dust volume.
  • Cabinets for easy mounting of disposable filters
  • Cabinets makes is possible to monitor the disposable filters
  • Cabinets with various connection possibilities
  • Cabinets with the option for fan mounting
  • Can be used for temporary installations
  • Filter quality is selected according to task

Filter cabinet SKF

Stationary filter cabinet with the option of several filter steps, standard equipped with compact filter F9 as well as 2 pcs. Minihelic-differential pressure manometer. Incl. suspension for HEPA-filter with measurement 610x610x292mm.
  • Process air max. +60°C enters through inlet connection at the buttom in side of SKF
  • Separation of particles occurs through 2-3 steps:
  • 1. Pre-sepaation in washable grease filter (pore filter 35)
  • 2. Fine filtration in compact filter F9
  • 3. Option for HEPA-filter (H13)
  • Filtered particles are collected in the filters
  • Clean air is led out through outlet connection in top.

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