For installation before filtration systems for pre-separation of material or sparks.

The range consists of pre-separators in the form of cyclones, spark separators and lint filters which can be incorporated to protect filtration units against clogging and minimise fire hazards.

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Preseparator with spark arrest FUV

Gram preseparator with spark arrest type FUV protects filter units against sparks. Reduces the possibility for a possible fire in central filter and the like.
  • Easy mounting
  • Made in galvanized, powder enamelled steel
  • Effcient protection of filter unit against sparks/fire
  • Is placed, where there is a danger for sparks, e.g. at grinding machines
  • Connection: ø160 – ø400mm
  • Delivered with fill level display
  • Is available with automatic water filling

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Cyklone CY/LCY

A cyclone is used as pre-separator for coarser particles. Especially suitable before a filter unit to filter larger particles. Thus sparing a filter material.
  • Easy mounting
  • Wide range of equipment
  • Inlet is placed in the left side
  • High pressure cyclones for high pressure connections
  • Cyclones for very light particles
  • Dust container outlet equipment for continuous outlet

Pre-filter unit SPC

Used as pre-filter unit for the filtration of process air that contains flammable fibres and particles, e.g. from polishing tasks.
  • Pre-filter unit for the capture of e.g. flammable fibres and particles
  • SPC is always delivered with prefilter fang
  • SPC is available with an additional filtration step, F9
  • Clean air is led out through connection in bottom
  • Filters are replaced for emptying as needed by front door
  • Outlet can be delivered in left (standard) or right side