Roto-cleaning filter systems

Gram Roto-cleaning filter systems consist of filter units with vibration cleaning of filter cartridges.

The range includes vibration cleaned filter units with air volumes up to 6.000m³/h. The filter cleaning system is based on Gram Roto-Cleaning which is supplied with either manual or automatic cleaning function.

The cleaning system is particularly suitable for shorter operating intervals and for both dust and chips.

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Filter unit FR and FR-V

Compact filter unit, suitable for filtration of air from dust and chip-making processes, e.g. in connection with grinding machines and smaller blast cabinets.
  • Advantageous, compact filter unit
  • Equipped with efficiently cleaning cartridge filter
  • Available in 2 sizes for low or high pressure
  • FR is available with mounted fan
  • Vacuum up to 40,000Pa (FR-V)

Filter unit FRS

Filter unit for use at educational institutions, schools and smaller workshops and the like, where extraction from machines as well as cleaning outlets are required.
  • Inexpensive filter unit for many tasks
  • Compact filter unit in many versions
  • Option for manual or automatic filter cleaning
  • Easy filter replacement through bolt-mounted front door
  • Built-in cleaning outlet
  • Is available with dust container or sack rack