Our products are standard powder enamelled with structure enamel. This enamelling is suitable for indoor use. The enamelling leaves the surface strong and smooth and secures a long life and easy cleaning. The used powder is epoxy-free to stress our environment as little as possible.

Our standard colours consist of following RAL numbers:
5007 brilliant blue
7011 iron grey

Our extraction arms are however delivered in following RAL numbers:
9965 silber (no RAL-no.)
9005 black

Other colours are available against additional payment, depending on colour choise.


Design in galvanized material:

For products for outdoor use/corrosive atmosphere it is recommended that units are made specially soldered in galvanized material. Hereby a strong corrosion-resistant underlying layer for the following powder enamelling is achieved. Powder enamelling is done only for optical reasons. 

In connection with the manufacturing of these units Gram Clean Air A/S uses MIG-brazing. MIG-brazing is well suited for the joining of zinc coated plates. Owing to low heat input, the plate does not bend, and the zinc coating remains undamaged. CuSI3-filler material wire is used to ensure that the welded joint itself is protected (98% Cu).