Mobile fans

Mobile filter systems with fan and point extraction arm for use in welding applications, for example.

Supplied with W3 approval, allowing the units to be used for extraction with recirculation of the filtered air in markets where recirculation is permitted.

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Transportable fans TRV

Transportable fans type TRV are delivered with carrier frame or transport wheels. The models are very suitable for mouting tasks at shifting work places.
  • Transportable fans is excellent for mounting tasks:
  • 1. Fans with carrier frame (0.37kW)
  • Can be placed in several positions
  • Fan wheel also workable for dusty air
  • 2. Transportable fans with wheels (from 0.75 to 1.10kW)
  • Suitable transport wheels for safe transport
  • Fan wheels for dusty air among other things
  • Transportable fans have IE3-motors from 0.75kW

Service fan MTV 800

Mobile service fan type MTV 800 is delivered as complete unit with complete equipment, ready for use. Highly suitable, when smoke, welding smoke or dust must be sucked away.
  • Mobile service fan with complete equipment
  • Protection grid on inlet and outlet according to EN 13857
  • Capacity: 1,000 m³/h at 750Pa
  • Is delivered with storrage bracket for hoses and cable
  • Equipped with telescopic transport handle
  • Equipped with carry handle
  • Delivered with air-flow optimzied hood with magnet

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