Welding and grinding screens

Products for the design of working environment safe work places, meaning noise damping and light screening (e.g. welding and plasma light).

For the screening between fixed work places in work shops and industry Gram Clean Air can supply welding/grinding curtains and lamellas as well as easy-to-mount cabin construction systems.

Welding/grinding screens are available as stationary or mobile screens, which offer a large flexibility.

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Mobile welding/ grinding screens SL

Light, flexible, inexpensive screen with curtain, intended for screening at welding and grinding tasks. Especially applicable at workshops at shifting work tasks.
  • Inexpensive, light welding screen
  • Flexible, light grinding screen
  • Frame with curtain in 2 different colours
  • Curtain with hemstitch above and below
  • Option of 2 standard widths
  • Very easy assembly

Welding/grinding screens, SGU

Durable, mobile screens with free passage. Incl. lamella curtain, for screening in connection with welding and grinding tasks. Is available with extension arms and connection lenghts.
  • Durable, moveable welding screens with free passage
  • Stabile grinding curtains screens with free passage
  • Is delvered incl. lamellas curtain
  • Lamella curtains provide large flexibility
  • Extension arms and connection lenghts expand work area
  • Stabile wall fitting
  • Curtains in 2 different colours, dependent on purpose
  • Very easy assembly

Gram welding/grinding curtains and lamellas CURT

Curtains and lamellas in 0.4 mm wall thickness for all forms of screening in connection with welding and grinding. Are available in 4 colours, approved according to DIN-norm.
  • Are delivered standard with a wall thickness of 0.4mm
  • Colour options: mat darkgreen, green, redorange as well as clear transparent
  • Coloured curtains are used in connection with welding among other things
  • Clear transparent lamellas are applicable for grinding
  • Made in tear and flame resistant material
  • Dangeroung UV- and infrared radition are filtered out
  • Complete cabin construction system is available to all curtains
  • Stronger lamellas with different suspension system are available

Cabin design, C-rail system CCON

Tested C-rail system for the construction of cabins for 0.4mm curtains. Intended for the assembly and screening of welding and grinding cabins.
  • Complet cabin design system for curtains in 0.4mm
  • For the construction of welding and grinding cabins etc.
  • Constructed in 40x40x2,5mm galvanized C-rail
  • Quick and eays assembly of highly flexible cabins
  • Curtains and lamellas can be drawn to the side for easy access
  • Stronger lamellas with other suspension system are available